Warmind DLC and Other Changes

Over the past few weeks I've been busy working on some major updates for VendorEngrams.xyz. Some related to the recent release of Warmind DLC, while others were aimed at a more overall functionality and QoL perspective.

Obviously Ana Bray and IKELOS_HC_V1.0.1 were added to the site, and all the various references to levels were changed to reflect the post-Warmind level-cap bump. But aside from those, the biggest change by far has been the transition away from the arbitrary 30-minute interval that was in place since the site launched. The site now checks with the Vendors API endpoint and only adds a new record for the vendor if required. The system still isn't perfect. For example, the weapons held by vendors have no vendor type entry in the API so there isn't any data to collect for them; therefore for weapons the site is defaulting to using the vendor that sells them as the refresh time. This will hopefully change in time, but that's been said before.

With the change in intervals I've also update the site so each vendor will show the next time they refresh underneath their name. In order to make tracking who you have voted for easier, I've also added a feature to mark vendors as reported if you have already voted this period, even after a page refresh or when logging in on other devices.

Currently the Twitter bot remains the same as before Warmind, but at some point over the next few weeks I plan to update it to show time remaining again and better reflect end times.

As a final note, privacy is important and as such the site no longer tracks IP addresses for verified votes. This was possible due to a change in the spam prevention systems that mean IP addresses are no longer required. I've purged the database records of all previously stored addresses related to verified votes as well. The address will still be recorded for unverified (non-logged in) votes.

Once again, thanks for all the support and continuing to vote making the whole site possible.