2018 Update

This update was primarily targeted at solving some spam issues with the unverified votes due to bots that appeared around the end of December. In order to implement bot protection a rewrite of some of the backend system was required. This took a little longer than I had initially planned.

The biggest change you will notice is that now we have a reCaptcha check for unverified votes. The check implemented Google's Invisible reCaptcha which means that it will only appear when Google can't automatically determine you are not a bot. Sometimes you will be challenged, other times you won't.

If however you sign-in with your account and are voting verified there will be no reCaptcha check at all. In the interest of user privacy (Google uses some cookies and trackers to make it's determinations) the system has been designed to not load any of the reCaptcha system code if you are signed-in.

A lot of users have also been reported a perceived increase in verified spam votes on from the Twitter notifications. In reality verified spam is actually at an all time low, however due to the decrease in vendor drops and the increase in intervals it has become more noticeable. To combat this I have implemented some tighter constraints on the voting patterns and some automatic detection systems to block votes the system thinks might be spam. This may result in some legitimate users being blocked accidentally while I tweak the sensitivity of the systems so if you are voting and notice the vendors don't update within a minute or two get in touch as you may have been accidentally flagged.

This won't completely prevent notification spam however it will mean that when it does occur it will be limited to one or two notifications and the users will be dealt with instantly. Simulations ran on the voting history of a system that would completely prevent spam resulted in too few notifications.

I have also pushed a small update to the notification bot that will prevent notifications going out when there is only a few minutes left in an interval.

We also now have an official Discord server for general chat, questions, support, and feature requests or bug reports. You can join it here –

Lastly but by no means least I finally corrected that typo in Charlemagne's name on the message banner.

P.S. We still have little idea how the new intervals and drop rates work. They seem to be all over the place and possibly have different intervals with dropping 330.